University of Battambang (Cambodia)

University of Battambang (UBB) is a young public university of Cambodia, established in 2007, to provide opportunities to students living in rural areas, especially in the north-western part of Cambodia, to have access to higher education services in order to develop their individual careers as well as to that of local communities while also reducing knowledge gaps between the rural and urban. UBB is set a goal, is to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of fields through a balance of theory and practice. UBB work closely with local community, government and non-governmental organization, companies, and consortium universities in the region and the world. It

has five facilities and Institute include: (1) faculty of Business Administration and Tourism, (2) Facility of Agriculture and Food Processing, (3) faculty of Sociology and Community Development, (4) Facility of Arts, Humanities, and Education, (5) Science and Technology and (6) Institute of Foreign Languages. UBB has over 2,500 local student who are currently studying in its graduate and post-graduate programs. It is expected that UBB by participating in the project, will be able to upgrade the international and regional recognitions, capacity and skills of its lecturers and students to become more competence to educational and economically contribute towards of local and regional development.



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